General conditions

A variety of circumstances can result in programme changes. Fortunately, jazz-musicians are very flexible. But is is quite possible that another band or other musicians would play instead of what you had expected.

Tickets cannot be switched nor refunded.

Privacy protection

Jazzzolder vzw, the Jazzazthome organisor, identified by KBO-number 0465.562.683, follows your journey through te Jazzathome-website via cookies. This is done to understand how you found the website and what you appreciate in it, so that we can take this into account upon redesigning the website.

Besides your ticket number, we may be aware of your firstname, lastname street, number, postal code, city, e-mail address and phone number. These data can be used to inform you about possible relevant programme changes. Mamimum 2 times per year these data is also used to inform you of upcoming Jazzathome editions. No other use of these data is made.

Jazzzolder vzw does not provide your data to other parties, except if there is a legal obligation.

You have the right to request your date, to change it and to remove it.